Welcome To Peak Flow!

Welcome to Peak Flow!

 Who are we, and how did we get here?

Complete strangers on this beautiful planet for more than three decades, Peak Flow co-founders Lindsey and Rob met in Estes Park, Colorado during a Wim Hof Method instructors’ certification training during January 2021. The only woman in a sea of male attendees, Lindsey buddy’ed up (wisely, Rob likes to say) with the oldest dude in the room (that’d be Rob) for five days of intense mental and physical training.

 A big wave surfer, yogi, breathwork practitioner and corporate health executive for ten years, Lindsey was ever more keen to step outside of the US health care box and chart her own entrepreneurial course as a leader in the field of health and wellness.

A lifetime athlete and professor for two decades, Rob was seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities as a fitness and wellness coach.

By day three, Lindsey and Rob had become fast friends.

Perhaps it was their intense eight + minutes of side-by-side immersion in an icy 28 degree lake (with a minus one degree wind chill), or their hilarious hotel bathtub ice immersion teaching session (they almost flooded WHM lead co-instructor Matt Soule’s bedroom), or their shared love for and desire to help #TeamHuman in the midst of the evolving COVID crisis.

As their five days of conversations deepened, Lindsey shared with Rob her vision for an entrepreneurial startup company designed to optimize Human experience by offering coaching in what she had already dubbed “a breathwork ecosystem.”

Her working name for this company and vision?

Peak Flow.

 Nine months later, after thousands of hours of planning, exhaustive research, and co-teaching workshops all over the United States, Lindsey and Rob offer Peak Flow to the world.

Our unique Peak Flow breath training ecosystem is designed to optimize Human experience one breath at a time, focusing on three vital arenas: health, sport, and work.

We invite you to join us and begin a journey towards a healthier and more resilient you – mind, body, and spirit. 

Peruse our Peak Flow web site.

Explore our Peak Flow membership options.

Reach out with your burning questions and good ideas.

We at Peak Flow are interested in hearing from and collaborating with you and your organization.

“Energy flows where Focus goes.”

Join us!

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Patrick McKeown

“My mission is to empower people to take control of their own health, well-being and fitness using simple breathing exercises proven to improve body oxygenation” – Patrick McKeown.

World- renowned author and breathing practitioner Patrick McKeown was educated at Trinity College in Dublin, before completing his clinical training in the Buteyko Breathing Method at the Buteyko Clinic, Moscow, Russia. This training was accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. Patrick continues to have a tremendous impact on breath and educating millions around the world..