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at your finger tips! Welcome to Peak Flow®, where we’re more than just a startup—we’re on a benevolent mission to transform lives. We believe in the profound impact of breath training on physical, mental and emotional health, longevity, and performance. Our commitment is simple: to help humanity optimize its potential, one breath at a time.

Upon discovering that respiratory disorders ranked among the leading causes of emergency room expenses, including Chronic Hyperventilation, Sleep Apnea, Asthma, COPD, and Chronic Sinusitis, our team was inspired to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, the workplace, and the fitness industry.

You’re invited to join the Peak Flow Method—a beacon of personalized, science-based breath training for individuals and teams alike. Our users gain access to tailored breathing plans, expert coaching, and immersive workshops, all designed to enhance well-being on a global scale. Join us on this journey towards a longer, healthier, and happier life, as we champion the power of breath to optimize human potential.

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How Our Vision Started

Back in 2018, our CEO Lindsey Trubia was big wave surfing on Oahu’s North Shore, the one session that almost took her breath away … for good. After her near death experience Lindsey dove deep into free diving, leading her to an endless journey of breath. While working as a healthcare executive for more than 10 years, Lindsey followed her passion, studying different breath modalities until she hit her practitioner ceiling. She wanted to help more humans beyond what she could ever do herself. By applying her knowledge as an elite athlete, healthcare executive, and breath expert, Lindsey created Peak Flow® with the vision to bring breathing biomechanics and preventative respiratory therapy to the forefront of our sport, health and work industries. Ironically, the wave that almost took Lindsey’s breath continues its ripple effect on human breathing around the world.


How We Evolved

Our co-founders, Lindsey Trubia and Dr. Rob Williams, started Peak Flow in 2021 after meeting at a Wim Hof Method instructors’ certification training in Colorado, USA’s Rocky Mountains. Their shared passion for providing individualized, holistic breath and mindfulness training, beyond 1 method. They thrive off helping humans live better lives from the inside out. Their desires paved the grit and passion for Peak Flow®.


meet our core team

Lindsey Trubia

CEO & Co-Founder

Lindsey, a Providence College graduate with a B.S. in Health Policy and Business Management, is a former Division 1 women’s soccer player and a seasoned healthcare executive with over a decade of experience. Her transformative journey began after a near-death surfing experience, leading her to immerse in holistic practices like free diving and breathwork. Certified in Yoga, Reiki, Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage, and the Wim Hof Method (Level 2), Lindsey collaborates with renowned author James Nestor in teaching these transformative practices globally. As Peak Flow®’s CEO, she envisions a future where healthcare seamlessly integrates with breathwork, emphasizing prevention through lifestyle and behavioral changes. Lindsey, an avid surfer and adventurer, begins each day meditating on empowering humans to optimize their potential through Peak Flow.

Warner Jenkins


Warner, a southern native and entrepreneur, blends a love for health and wellness with an impressive finance background. With a BS in Corporate Finance from Clemson University and an International MBA from IE University, he brings expertise to his role as President of the IE Business Accelerator and Owner of The Sauna Solution. Warner’s transformative journey into breathwork during three months in Costa Rica with Lindsey and Rob fueled his passion for holistic well-being. In his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, Warner enjoys golfing, fishing, and boating, showcasing his commitment to a balanced and purposeful life.

Sarah Nguyen


Sarah Nguyen, a Canadian-American in Patagonia, holds a degree in Electronic Systems Engineering. Her aerospace career in sunny California led her to discover yoga’s power. Climbing the ranks in the Pacific Northwest, she explored breathwork and joined Trek Relief’s startup board. Sarah, now in rural Chile, embraces an eco-sustainable lifestyle on a permaculture farm. A nature enthusiast, she enjoys trekking, biking, kayaking, and climbing. Sarah believes in leveraging technology for good after nurturing connections with nature and community.

Dr. Rob Williams, Ph.d.

COO & Co-Founder

Dr. Rob Williams, a lifelong athlete and seasoned educator, holds environmental history degrees from Princeton University (B.A.) and the University of New Mexico (M.A./Ph.D.). With over two decades of university teaching experience in interdisciplinary fields, including environmental studies, world history, and entrepreneurship, Rob now serves as Peak Flow®’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). He focuses on expanding the company’s reach during this pivotal Civilizational moment. As a certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method instructor, Buteyko Institute breath coach, and Oxygen Advantage (OA) instructor, Rob brings a holistic approach to well-being. His diverse interests span from ice baths and hot saunas to running, trekking, skiing, and music. Rob is dedicated to a balanced and purposeful daily routine, often spent outdoors.

meet our Practitioners
Our LVL2 and 3 coaches are key to our success, representing our brand and vision teaching workshops worldwide, one-on-one coaching sessions and live app sessions.
Our Clinical Advisors
Patrick McKeown

“My mission is to empower people to take control of their own health, well-being and fitness using simple breathing exercises proven to improve body oxygenation” – Patrick McKeown.

World- renowned author and breathing practitioner Patrick McKeown was educated at Trinity College in Dublin, before completing his clinical training in the Buteyko Breathing Method at the Buteyko Clinic, Moscow, Russia. This training was accredited by Professor Konstantin Buteyko. Patrick continues to have a tremendous impact on breath and educating millions around the world..